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Holy Cross Hospital and Mental Health Centre, cater for the treatment of all forms of Medical, Paediatric, Psychological and Psychiatric disorders in both children adults& geriatrics including general assessment and treatment, psychological assessments and tests, counselling and therapies, treatment including MECT (Modified Electro Convulsive Therapy) and de-addiction treatment including Aversion Therapy for alcohol and all other drugs and substance abuse.
The premises of the Holy Cross Mental Health Centre are a scenic beauty and its calm atmosphere will give a healing environment for the patients with various psychiatric problems. Good atmosphere and expert care will help the patients to return back to the mainstream of society and regaining their dignity.
Holy Cross Mental Health Centre provides personalized treatment and care including clinical consultation and assessment, mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention, resource development, education and training for various groups of students like Nursing, MSW, Psychology etc.

This institution is licensed under KERALA STATE MENTAL HEALTH AUTHORITY (No.: 54/2014) 

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Holy Cross Hospital and Mental Health Centre is run by the Society of the Sisters of the Holy Cross who are dedicated in the field of health care from 1906 in India.

This centre was a T.B Sanatorium from 1954 onwards. As per the motto of the founder of our Congregation Rev.Fr.Theodosius Florentini we see the signs of the time and following Jesus and responding to the challenges of the time we risk new ways and commit ourselves to promote life.In 2010 November 28th With the same Motto this T.B.sanatoriam was converted to Hospital and Mental Health Centre having facilities for admitting 100 patients.In a holistic approach to persons we encourage each one to recognize and use their gifts and talents.In collaboration with others we awaken hope and contribute to the transformation of Society.

Restore Health Revive Hope and Reinstate Dignity is the Mission of our Institution.

 Sr. VictrineKavungal

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Jun 10

Unarvu 2017


9.30 AM - 2.00 PM

Holy Cross Hospital Auditorium

Aug 5

Blessing of Holy Cross Affirmation Centre by Auxiliary Bishop of Kanjirappally, Rev Dr Jose Pulickel


holy Cross Hospital & Mental Health Centre, Koovappally

May 30

ഉണര്‍വ്വ് 2018


9.00 AM - 1.30 PM

Holy Cross Affirmation Centre

Oct 10

World Mental Health Day


10.30 am

Holycross H+H, Koovappally

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